Simplify your guest services

Guest demands are growing rapidly. They want and expect the technology on your property to work every bit as well as the technology in their homes.

At Think Simple, we understand that’s far easier said than done. Your Wi-Fi network must be strong, solid and robust, making it possible for all of your guests to be able to check their email and social media feeds, surf the Internet and use their own entertainment services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Video, audio and amenities systems must be fool-proof as well, with the controls always at the fingertips of your guests and staff.

We also understand that your managers and technicians need quick, reliable setup and control of every system, whether in your restaurants or conference center, sales office or training room. They don’t have time to track down a remote or figure out how to use it, if they’re going to serve your guests at the level you need.

For all of those reasons, we start every project with a thorough needs assessment, taking you and your managers through a fast, efficient interview process. Because we take pride in our work, we’ll engineer, program and install your project on time, on budget, using only the finest, most reliable components.

IT & Network

The basis of every AV system today is a solid, robust wired and wireless network. We hire many of our technicians from the IT world, and we’re as comfortable writing code as we are tuning a sound system.

Guestroom entertainment

Guests will stream their own movies and music, or take advantage of your free or pay-per-view offerings with high-impact in-room entertainment systems.

Conferencing & Collaboration

You’ll have quick easy communications, linking your teams, clients and suppliers across town or around the world using the latest web-based video and audio platforms, including Crestron Mercury.

Streaming & Webcasting

Extend the value of your conference center with content capture and streaming of your guests’ events.

Guestroom automation

Think Simple systems work quickly and intuitively. Your guests will have full control of everything in the room plus concierge services and other amenities, with an easy-to-use touchscreen, their own mobile devices, or voice control through Amazon Alexa.

Building automation

Simple, comprehensive management of multiple guest units, including climate systems, door position, leak detection, lighting, electrical use and more: our Cloud Building Management.

AV, Presentation & Performance

Meeting center visuals are always clean and high-contrast and sound is clear, crisp and high-impact, from reliable, simple-to-use audio and video systems.

Digital Signage

Take your message to your guests, your staff, and the public via easy-to-use browser-based platforms and low-maintenance displays. Add a special touch with wayfinding kiosks, optimizing the guest experience together with your restaurant and retail revenues.

One option, Think Simple Signage, gives you a super-simple package with creative services, network design, engineering and installation.

Phone & intercom

Guestroom phones still have a place in most properties. Our easy-to-use network-based systems make it simple for guests to make outside calls, reservations, or request services.


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