Simplify collaborative learning

A revolution is taking place in educational technology. Traditional classrooms and lecture halls are giving way to rooms that facilitate more active, student-centered learning.

At Think Simple, we understand that classroom technology must be robust, interactive and extremely easy to use. Because instructors depend so much on technology, AV and IT systems must work every time, without confusion or delay. They must be energy efficient as well, contributing to a healthier, more productive, cost-effective  environment.

To make that possible, we start every project with a thorough needs assessment, taking you and your staff through a fast, efficient interview process. Because we take pride in our work, we’ll engineer, program and install your project on time, on budget, using only the finest, most reliable components.

IT & Network

The basis of every classroom system today is a solid, robust digital network, including Wi-Fi that scales to growing demand. A network infrastructure by Think Simple is ideal for any kind of media or collaborative learning use.

Student Computing and Digital Learning

Think Simple partners with one of the nation’s leaders in educational information technology, and together we can scale your wireless network to handle thousands or even hundreds of thousands of student devices, whether Chromebooks, iPads or computers. We can also help you work with textbook and software publishers to license the all-digital instructional materials you need to save costs while keeping standards high.

Projection & Sound

Think Simple audio visual systems are cost-effective, extremely reliable and easy to use. Visuals are always clean and high-impact, audio is clear, crisp and attention-getting. Control is simple and intuitive.

Interactive Whiteboarding

Instructors capture their students’ attention with on-screen annotation and other interactive devices. Students learn collaboratively, then share what they learn with the class as a whole.

Lecture Capture & Flipped Classroom

Instructors can choose to assign background material as homework, using Think Simple systems to capture lectures, demonstrations and simulations and thus save precious classroom time for enrichment.

Learning Studios

Students are engaged when they work and learn together, with the instructor serving as a guide and facilitator. Think Simple provides a variety of collaborative systems, whether connecting tablets and Chromebooks to large-screen displays or installing full-fledged learning studios, where student groups each have their own whiteboards and displays.

Auditoriums & Performance Spaces

Think Simple engineers have a strong background in the performing arts as well, and can help you with concert-quality sound, theatrical lighting and large-venue projection.

Athletic Fields & Gymnasiums

Athletic events put special demands on sound and video systems. Think Simple can help you get the most from these challenging environments.

Digital Signage

Take your message to your students, your staff, and the public via easy-to-use browser-based platforms and low-maintenance displays.

Security & Emergency Notification – THIS IS HIDDEN

When emergencies happen, we will help you use the best new technology to notify and protect your students, staff and the public.

Managed IT Services

Through our IT partner, we offer managed IT solutions as well, including cloud services, virtualization, data center design, disaster recovery, help desk, hosted services, and onsite services and staffing.