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Cloud Building Management

For hospitality and residential applications


At last!  Simple, comprehensive management of multiple guest units in hotels, resorts and condominiums, with fast, effective monitoring and control of:

  • Climate systems
  • Door position
  • Water flow and leak detection
  • Lighting
  • Shade position
  • Electrical use
  • Other applications that you may choose

Here’s how it works:

  • Say a guest forgets to shut a door and walks away. Now the unit is unsecure, and most likely the air conditioner will run constantly. It might be hours before housekeeping or security takes note.
  • Or during the rainy season, guests may leave windows open and the air off, inviting humidity and mold problems.
  • Faucets may drip or icemakers leak, wasting water and potentially damaging floors and drywall.
  • Yet with Think Simple’s Cloud Building Management (CBM), you’ll get a text or email notification of the problem and can send someone immediately to check on it.

In addition, CBM gives you control of lighting, shading, unit temperature, pool and spa settings, electric appliances—anything that can be controlled with a Crestron processor (which is almost everything).

We can customize CBM to fit your needs. For example, the Albany Resort and Residences uses CBM to monitor and control a wide range of systems – even changing the color of its outdoor LED fixtures. A client in Florida, on the other hand, uses it only for climate control and climate-related issues.

Wouldn’t you like to be in better control of your property?

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