Albany Bahamas Resort


Called “the most exclusive resort in the Bahamas” by Forbes Magazine, and a “full-service utopia” by a Indagare, Albany offers an amazing experience for homeowners and rental guests.

Created by Tavistock Group, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, Albany creates another world entirely with its championship golf course, 71-slip mega-yacht marina, and a selection of three to eight-bedroom rental homes, three to six bedroom villas and luxurious condominiums, all supported by 24/7 services.

One of the challenges in creating a resort based on individual residences is the physical size of the property. How can you offer five-star services when your guests are spread out over 600 acres, roughly a square mile?

To help, Think Simple designed and integrated a property-wide building management system based on Bodhi Intelligent Building Management.  It monitors the heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, lighting and shading systems in each of the residences. It alerts management if there’s any kind of malfunction, so they can fix it before it becomes a problem. While guests retain full control of their units, it automates many key functions, including lights, thermostats and security systems when the units are empty. It runs on a network infrastructure we also designed and installed.

In addition, we prewired all of the homes and condos and installed custom audio/video systems in nearly all. We also designed the sound, video and lighting control systems for the common areas of the resort, including all of the restaurants and bars, the pools, spa, fitness center, and golf club.

At the Azule adult pool and day club, we created a performance sound system with inputs for a DJ and more than 70 outdoor speakers and subwoofers. Management had asked that the speakers and subwoofers be as unobtrusive as possible, so we created high-end performance system from “invisible” components normally used in private homes.

In the Bull Pen, a 24-seat conference room, we installed an advanced audio/video system ideal for local presentations and international video calls.

In the Sanctuary at Albany, a world-class recording studio, we installed audio, video and computer networking systems within the Artists’ Lounge, plus Crestron lighting and shading controls for the lounge, the live room, the reception area and halls.

At the Albany Theater, we integrated an 18-seat media room, which includes a projector with a multi-screen video processor. It’s used for first-run movies as well as multi-game sports viewing.

This unique resort was featured in the James Bond film Casino Royale, with villain Alex Dmitrios living in the Albany House mansion and a scene shot in the Vesper Bar and Lounge. (Both are shown in the slide show that you can launch from this page, and you can view a clip where Bond surveys Albany House.)

Guest and management satisfaction has been extremely high.

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