The Strategy Room at HealthStream


The Strategy Room is a multi-purpose conference room that can seat at least 30 people and include remote participants via Microsoft Teams.

“Our vision for this room was a place where departmental teams could meet to strategize about their goals and strategic plans, including their PIP goals,” says Mollie Condra, Vice President of Communications and Investor Relations.

PIP stands for Performance Incentive Program, in which every department sets three goals every quarter. “Each PIP goal should be aspirational and measurable, and for each goal that is met, all the members of the team can earn an extra one percent of their salaries.”

The Strategy Room includes a variety of computer resources, AirMedia wireless inputs, an Epson laser projector with a huge, 164” diagonal Da-Lite screen, a sound system with Revolabs wireless microphones, and a Vaddio PTZ camera.

Because of its size and capabilities, the Strategy Room has become quite popular for any large meeting at HealthStream, including training sessions and meetings with outside groups. If it’s available, anyone can schedule it through an Outlook calendar or the room’s Crestron scheduling panel.

“This is one room where we used a full Crestron system, but we programmed it to work much like the Flex rooms,” says Geoff Ranson, an engineer and programmer for Think Simple.

“The interface in this room is a little more complicated than in others, but when you want to start Teams, there’s a button on the Crestron panel that says ‘Start a Call,’ explains Andral Johnson, Network Engineer. “Once you do, the whole room functions like your laptop, except that 30 people can participate and your screen is 11 feet wide.”

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