Perspective Rooftop Bar and Pool at the Art Ovation


The Art Ovation’s rooftop has become a popular meeting spot in Sarasota, especially for a drink at sunset or for the DJ performances it hosts every Friday and Saturday night.  The Perspective Bar has seating for 60, and there’s a large pool with cabanas plus a DJ area on the pool deck.

Think Simple designed and installed a 15-speaker performance sound system that covers the entire rooftop, with two wall-mounted RDL inputs for the consoles that the DJs bring. The majority of the speakers are hidden in planters and other discreet locations, so they do not detract from the beauty of the setting.

Because the DJ inputs and the speakers are tied into the Q-Sys processor in the audio system head end, our technicians were able to filter, equalize and otherwise tune the system for optimal performance in a difficult audio environment. The connection also allowed us to tie the background music system into the pool and bar areas for when a DJ is not performing.

The performance sound system is used every weekend, because the hotel does not allow the DJs to bring their own speakers. With the hotel located in the middle of downtown Sarasota, too much volume would disturb the surrounding hotels and businesses.  But the distributed speaker system puts the sound pressure exactly where it’s needed, rocking the audience without echoing out into the neighborhood.

The rooftop also includes a beautiful multi-colored LED lighting system. The Crestron lighting control system we installed allows management to set the lighting most appropriate for a quiet evening or the excitement of a weekend party.

“Love this spot!” one Yelp user writes. “I love the atmosphere here, especially after the sun goes down.” Another writes, “Very hip vibe. Beautiful bar.”


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