The lobby and restaurant at the Art Ovation


The public areas of the Art Ovation are something special. Through its partnership with the Ringling College of Art and Design and other Sarasota artist groups, the hotel is able to host a beautiful, always-changing collection of paintings, sculptures and digital works in its lobbies, restaurant, and meeting areas. It’s part of the hotel’s mission to serve the community, but it’s also a wonderful gift to guests.

Think Simple has worked hard to further that mission through the exceptional audio system we designed and installed in the hotel. Via the Bodhi building management platform, managers have the choice of six channels of background music, which they can route into nine audio zones, covering the lobby, lobby bar, restaurant, gift shop, ballroom and ballroom prefunction area, the fitness center, elevators, and rooftop. We based the audio system on a Q-Sys Core 110f processor, QSC amplifiers, and Crestron and Tannoy ceiling speakers, and we tuned it carefully to provide the highest quality sound.

That system includes a small stage area in the lobby, which the hotel uses to host pianists, jazz ensembles, and vocalists. We outfitted this area with two Bose Panaray columnar loudspeakers, one on either side of the stage, and two hookups for bands to plug in their microphones or instruments. At times staff will mic the piano as well, and feed the output into the background music system.

We also worked with the electrical contractor to install a central Crestron lighting system, which varies the lighting levels with the time of day and allows staff the flexibility they need to properly light the artwork as they mount various exhibits. (The electrical contractor handled all of the high-voltage installations, while we installed and programmed the low-voltage components.)

Finally, we designed and installed a Samsung Magicinfo digital signage system, which the hotel uses to advertise upcoming events, its artist-in-residence program, and to display digital artwork. There are flat-panel displays in the lobby, restaurant, bar and prefunction area. These displays can also be used to show video from an ongoing event or cable television.

Management and staff control the sound system, digital signage system, and lighting system through an easy-to-use Crestron 3-Series Control System, accessing it using iPads or wall-mounted Crestron touchscreens.


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