The fitness room and basketball court at Blanche Cove


Like many large houses, Blanche Cove includes a weight and fitness room, but an adjoining indoor basketball court helps make the home really special.

“In designing the sound system for these rooms, we wanted something that would add the excitement you’d expect from playing in a professional arena, but that you could play as loud as you want without distortion,” explains Think Simple’s Joe Vaccarino.

A 4,000 watt Crown amplifier and two JBL CT1000 line arrays provide clear, clean, yet chest-thumping sound, and an Electro-Mech commercial scoreboard adds to the fun. Acoustical treatments on the walls and ceilings control reverb without deadening the room.

In the fitness room, a 65” 4K TV and Crestron Essence in-ceiling speakers continue the effect. “It really gets your blood flowing as you work out,” Vaccarino says.

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