The bowling alley at Blanche Cove


Over the last decade or so, there’s been a revolution at commercial bowling alleys, with mechanical, video and lighting effects to add new excitement to the game.

That’s true at Blanche Cove as well, with a full Brunswick Sync system in the two-lane alley, with twin touch screens to control the pinsetters and two 65” Samsung displays.

Brunswick Sync automatically scores each game, tracks and displays players’ statistics and adds clever, optional animations. Sync also offers a number of new smart games, including one-ball-per-frame games aimed at kids, and specialty games such as Horse, which allows players to set up the pins for special shots then (if they make them) require others to make the same.

To add to the fun, Think Simple included a Crestron-controlled color-changing lighting system, which, together with the home’s Crestron Sonnex Multiroom Audio System, can set the mood instantly. It’s also possible to route movies and ballgames to one or both 65” TVs, as these are included on the NVX network.

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