The Exterior Lighting at Blanche Cove


A great deal of the visual impact of the house on Blanche Cove Drive is its exterior lighting. White LED lighting sculpts and highlights its beautiful stonework, while color changing fixtures on its front and back columns, the fountain, a fire pit, a spa and on all stairways (interior and exterior) give it a dramatic look and feel.

These light fixtures are all custom made, designed by the Nasrallah Architectural Group and fabricated by Lantern Masters of Westlake Village, California.

“The lighting control system is extensive, and so we split it into sections,” explains Think Simple partner Will Gilbert. “We are using six Crestron control processors for the interior and exterior lights plus three Nicolaudie DMX processors for the color changing lights.”

“Given the system’s complexity, we chose the Bodhi scheduling platform to simplify setup and maintenance,” adds Joe Vaccarino. “It’s simple enough that the homeowner could make changes himself, but in practice, a housekeeper will give me a call and I’ll take care of it from my office or my phone.”

There are hundreds of channels of lighting, but the DMX processor shifts groups of lights together to keep a pleasing balance of whites, blues, greens and purples. “The way we set it up, all of the standard lighting is automated, but the homeowners operate the color-changing fixtures from a Crestron wall panel, or from their phones,” Vaccarino says. “For the most part, the house takes care of itself, but the family wanted the option to activate the color-changing system manually, mainly when they’re entertaining.”

“We also installed an extensive landscape sound system, with many channels of music for the walking paths, porte-cochère, pergolas, a trampoline, and soccer field,” Vaccarino adds. “Music is really important to the homeowners, so we used Crestron Sonnex technology, the best available.”

He adds that “The boat dock has more technology than most apartments, with music, Wi-FI, lighting control and CCTV cameras, all connected to the main house over fiber, and all with heavy-duty lightning protection.”

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