The family areas at Blanche Cove


“One of the things I appreciate most about Think Simple,” says architect John Brandies, “is that they’ll start a project with current, preliminary pricing, but as we get close to the purchase they’ll advise the client of new technology that’s available and, if it has a reduced price, pass those savings on.”

The biggest technology improvement affecting Blanche Cove was the introduction of Crestron NVX, which allowed Think Simple to put highest-quality 4k video plus stereo or surround sound onto a standard IP network. In doing so, NVX greatly simplified the wiring and switching while, at the same time, making it easier to expand the video system in the future.

“This family is really into the social aspects of media, seeing TV and movies as an opportunity to come  together when they watch,” Will Gilbert explains. NVX helps make that easier by routing content throughout the house from streaming servers and cable boxes built into a central equipment rack.

In the billiards room, for example, viewers can route one video source to all three TVs or follow the action on three sporting events at once.

Both homeowners have video walls in their offices as well and can display any combination of video and computer sources, for example TV news together with company and stock market data.

A four-screen video wall allows players in the game room to play four video games at once, or a single game as the displays combine into a single, high-impact 110” screen.

The gaming consoles and computers are also on the NVX network, and can be accessed from the home theater, which includes wired and wireless ports for game controllers.

“Video and audio quality are superb,” Vaccarino adds. “And if you’re sharing a game over NVX, there’s no latency –no lag time– to interfere with play.”

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