Sky Mart


“I think it’s important to bring clients in here,” says Juan G. Robbin, President of Miami-based aerospace firm Sky Mart. “When they walk into our headquarters, they can see that we are a vendor who is stable, responsible, a powerful force in the industry.

“When visitors see the technology in our boardroom, the almost magical way the lights go off, the shades go down as the presentation begins, it creates a very positive atmosphere,” he adds. “People leave here thinking, ‘We want to work with this company.’”

Sky Mart is in a tough business, distributing lubricants and parts for commercial airlines and freight carriers. The products they sell are the ultimate commodities, because regulations require their quality, age and even their sourcing to be carefully documented.

The company stands out because of its friendly, professional staff, fast delivery and meticulous packaging and documentation. When a palet arrives from Sky Mart, it’s obvious that it’s been packed by people who care deeply about their customers.

The boardroom and its technology showcase this company and its culture, differentiating it from others in the field. “Having it has been a key to our success for the last three years,” Robbin says.

Quality and comfort

Founded in 1985, Sky Mart is a family-owned business with a client list that includes Lufthansa, LAN, JetBlue, Avianca, Atlas Air and many others. In 2013, seeing an opportunity for expansion, the company  purchased an older, 36,000 square-foot industrial building near Miami International Airport, which they completely rebuilt.

“I personally designed the floorplans, and it all started with the size of the conference room,” Robbin recalls. “I wanted it to fit at least 20 people comfortably and do so in a way that, when we bring in a client, a vendor, a prospective employee or our staff, it would create a sense of stability and pride in the company.”

Robbin asked his friend Will Gilbert, a Think Simple partner, to design the technology for the room. Gilbert and his team created a presentation system using nearly all Crestron components, including a DigitalMedia Presentation System, wireless and wired laptop connections, plus Crestron Saros in-ceiling speakers, Crestron motorized shades and Crestron lighting. A 10” Crestron control panel provides simplified operation of the AV system, projection, lighting, shading and climate.

“Will and I share an attention to detail. We both believe there has to be a sense of quality in how things look, feel, and fit. He understands that, and his team executes that extremely well. If I look up at the ceiling, I can see that the logos on the speaker grills are absolutely aligned with one another.

“Our industry,” he adds, “is extremely driven by safety, reliability, by the sense of predictive outcomes. You always know that something is going to work, that it has the minimal chance of failure. So I want everything around me, including my people and my headquarters, to reflect that philosophy. Will runs his company the same way.”

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