The Schumacher


Located in the heart of Manhattan’s exclusive NoHo district, the Schumacher is one of the nation’s most extraordinary residential buildings.

A visionary design team carved 20 gorgeous condominiums from a beautiful, 1885 Romanesque Revival printing plant. The spacious residences feature barreled brick ceilings up to 15’ in height, oversized wood-framed windows, high-end finishes and state-of-the-art electronic systems.

Think Simple handled all of the audio, video, network, and security and surveillance needs for the building and for individual homeowners. We installed a robust network infrastructure during construction, then worked with the homeowners to make sure they would have the audio, video and home automation systems that they wanted.

Most chose an automation system based on the Apple iPad, distributed audio and video, and a wireless network. Many units include integrated shading, and many home theater. We chose the components we used for their utter reliability and ease of use.

Throughout the process, we worked closely with Stillman Development International and Morris Adjmi Architects.

The new units have been snapped up by New York’s elite, including art dealers and collectors, actors, real estate developers, and an NFL franchise owner. The building is a masterpiece, with the electronic systems the finishing touch.

Read more about the building here.

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