The kitchen at the Engelhardt home


The kitchen at the Engelhardt home in Naples, Florida, is another special room.

A winner of a Sub-Zero design award, the kitchen is a great gathering place for family and guests who may be enjoying the pools, the beach, or quiet time in their rooms. “They gather for breakfast with the doors to the outside open, and often eat lunch buffet style as people come and go from their outdoor activities,” says Clemens Bruns Schaub interior designer Christine Pokorney.

Think Simple included a Samsung television, Leon soundbar and Sonance speakers, which the family can use on their own or in sync with the sound and video playing on the living room system.

A large, wall-mounted Crestron touch screen provides simplified, centralized control of the home’s audio-video, lighting, shading, climate and security systems. (The family and their guests can also control these systems from their iPads and iPhones, or by using Crestron hand-held remotes kept in each room.)

“The name of the company is interesting,” Engelhardt says. “As technical as they are, they really do make it very simple for the end user. I was impressed, too, with their service after the sale. I was watching a movie with some friends one evening and something happened – the movie just quit. I called Will, and he fixed it immediately by connecting remotely to my house. We went right back to our movie.”


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