Digital Signage at The King’s Academy

TKA’s new digital signage system is more than a way to communicate with students, staff and visitors, says Rob Danley, TKA Chief Technology Officer. “It’s a showcase for our school and what we believe in.”

For example, he says, last year’s homecoming queen has had some serious medical problems. “She really rose to the occasion, so our students produced a video feature about her, and we played it on the system.” Students have filmed mission trips, interviewed instructors, even produced a bad joke competition, and showed the video on the signage network.

Think Simple designed and installed the system, basing it on Samsung MagicInfo software, which works smoothly with players built into Samsung flat-panel displays. A staff member uses it to create slides of daily announcements, upcoming events and other information pertinent to students, staff and parents, mix them in with video clips produced in Studio 70, then schedule when and where they will appear on campus.

“Our server can also handle live video, such as a football game or a homecoming assembly,” says Danley. “People can watch that live on their computers or mobile devices, but we pipe it into the signage system as well.” That’s especially valuable when parents are in the building for a game or event. They can watch the action unfold from anywhere on campus.

The signage network includes:

  • 20 high-definition informational displays installed throughout the campus, including an 80” display in the main lobby and four 55” displays hung from the center of the cafeteria ceiling, one facing in each direction
  • Two menu signs in the cafeteria
  • One more high-brightness 55” outdoor display installed at the Lion’s Den, a snack shack at the football field
  • Samsung MagicInfo digital signage software
  • All displays are Samsung with MagicInfo players built in.

“It’s a terrific setup,” Danley says. “We use it constantly.”


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