The bedrooms and offices at the Engelhardt home

In a home designed for entertaining, the bedrooms are an important priority.

At the Engelhardt house in Naples, Florida, each guest gets a mini master suite, with luxurious appointments, a private patio, and its own sound and video system, which Think Simple integrated into the rest of the home.  If someone wants to play a movie or song list from a phone or tablet, they can connect wirelessly via AirPlay. The sound system defaults to the room they connect from, but it’s easy to play music in multiple rooms or throughout the house.

“The sound system is awesome,” Sue Engelhardt says. “My sister is a professional singer in Nashville, so we’re aware of good sound and wanted a really good experience with music.”

The master bedroom is beautifully appointed as well, as are the Englehardts’ private offices and fitness room. In the master bath, Think Simple installed Seura mirror TVs, sized for optimum viewing when getting ready for the day. As with most of the technology in this beautiful home, the TVs disappear when powered off.

Getting the details right was a bit of a challenge. Think Simple partner Will Gilbert says he had the bathroom vanities custom built so that the glass exactly matches the glass in the Seura mirrors. As they always do, the firm’s engineers and technicians worked overtime to make sure everything is perfect.

They continue to provide service for the house and suggest ideas and improvements to the family. “This is a really easy system to use,” Engelhardt says. “They really do make the technology friendly to the end user.

“It’s nice too that Will doesn’t sit back or pretend that I’m no longer a customer,” she adds. “He and his people are proactive, and they are always available for advice or for problem solving. They treat us really well.”


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